“Up-to-date with current technologies and practices. Good at clearing basics and guiding further for advance methodologies.”
Rupesh Shetty Sardar Patel Institute of Technology

“Working with Ravikiran Kunder was one of the good professional experiences I had. It was more of a learning phase and he always ensures his juniors are moving in the right direction. Ravikiran Kunder is very much approachable and finds time to clear out the queries even in his busy schedule. I could see a good academician in him as well; the training sessions given by Ravikiran Kunder were excellent, especially the technical induction sessions given by him on OWASP, network scanning and ISO 27001. He starts from the base and carefully goes through each sub modules ensuring that it is clearly understood by the listeners. His domain knowledge in the field of information security is outstanding. I could see a dedicated and sincere information security consultant by all means in Ravikiran Kunder.”
Gopeekrishnan VS  Consultant – Risk Advisory (Information Technology)

“Excellent teaching skills, made us very clear with the concepts of Ethical Hacking. Took hands on of every necessary tool that is used.”
Jason Martin  SS&C Globeop

“With vast knowledge in industry, Ravi sir not only gives you CEH knowledge but also insight into various other domains into the infosec. “
Neeraj Kath Information Security Analyst at Undisclosed

“Ravi is an inquisitive, target oriented go-getter. It was an absolute pleasure to have known him and worked with him. He surely made my life as a supervisor, lot easier. Here are some salient qualities that I have observed:
1. He understands requirements. He gets a thorough understanding of details needed to accomplish a given task.
2. Not afraid to do new things. Always prepared to learn.
3. Technically very sound.
4. Very positive attitude towards work.”
Jaideep Jha  Consultant at Microsoft

“Ravikiran Kunder is a great mentor for any infosec fresher. He has immense knowledge in web application and mobile pen testing. Always ever ready to answer your queries anytime…His focus is to build the basics of infosec in his students. I enjoyed my training!!!!”
Nikhil Anand Security Analyst at Undisclosed

“Ravikiran Sir’s knowledge in the field of IT Security is immensely valuable to IT Security professionals like me. I am thankful to Ravi Sir for helping us understand the Ethical Hacking fundamentals through practical insights.”
Sameer Prabhu  Assistant Manager – IT Security at Undisclosed

“Ravikiran is very passionate about the work he does. He being my mentor in internship has helped me a lot in understanding the Information security concepts to a larger extent. He has good knowledge and experience of OWASP top 10 and VAPT. He delivers his knowledge in the best possible way to make it understandable. He puts his best efforts to make things happen. A great team player and enthusiastic by nature.”
Nikita Noronha  Consultant at Protiviti

“Has good command over the concepts in information security. Learned a lot during the training session. Ability to clarify doubts with valid examples is good.”
Yatin Security Analyst at Paladion

“Great knowledge of application pen testing. His teaching method was out of the box. Apart from Ethical Hacking training I got basics of application security clear from Ravi sir and looking forward for gaining more knowledge from him. Thanks Ravi sir. Great job!”
Viral Shah  Jr security Analyst at Paladion

“I had an opportunity to work with Ravi in the same organization for two years. He is very supporting colleague and smart worker. He has handled some projects where he needed to prepare for them right from scratch and this shows his ability to learn new things while working. He has a very professional approach and it reflects from his working style. I strongly recommend Ravikiran and believe that he will be a great value add to any team or organization he works with.”
Prathamesh Mhatre  Sr. Consultant at Aujas

“Very good trainer helping his students to make basics clear. Has an excellent knowledge on subject.”
Amar Ganesh More L1 Engineer(SOC Team) at HCL Comnet Ltd.

“I have had a great time during the lectures. The lectures were very interactive with lot of questions and answers. He had lot patience at the time of clarifying the doubts. Very good knowledge about the subject and very well organized. And finally…thanks a lot!”
Sandeep Naidu  Consultant at KPMG

“I have worked with Ravikiran for two years at Paladion networks. He is very workaholic and enthusiastic about his work. Quick learner and always ready to accept new challenges. He had researched and developed multiple areas within the security domain and had brought many significant changes into existing testing methodology. He is technically very sound and always ready to help others. No doubt; he will bring new ideas to any company he will work with and will become critical asset for it.”
Atulkumar Gaikwad  Security Analyst at GE Digital

“Excellent way of putting forth concepts… My basic have been reinforced! Thank You so much! You are doing a great job!”
Niranjana Karandikar  Analyst at Altisource Business Solutions

“Ravikiran worked with me on 1 project directly for almost a month, and we had many interactions while I was at Paladion. He’s quick to grasp things and implement them. He is willing to work hard, learn things that are new to him…and does not hesitate to ask questions when in doubt. I enjoyed working with him; he makes it very easy for a team lead/manager.  I have no hesitation in saying that he will do a good job in any technical activity he is chosen to do and will work hard and improve himself, if need be.”
Arvind Doraiswamy  Senior Security Engineer at Security Innovation

“It was pleasure learning from him. Lectures were interactive and learned a lot. He was conceptual and very specific on what he wanted to deliver.”
Pradeep Pandey  Security Analyst at Paladion

“Ravikiran has superior knowledge in the realm of Web Application security. His skill set is top notch and he was always willing to train and mentor other team members. He is highly respected by his co-workers for his technical skills and friendly attitude. His willingness to help anyone any time has been his competency among others. He is a very supportive and a nice person. Ravikiran sets examples for others by means of his work. He is one of those with whom I would like to work again in future.”
Mayank Somani  Security and Privacy Consultant at IBM

“Excellent knowledge about the Information security concepts had a very interactive session during Ethical Hacking training.”
Sarang Kadsait  Senior Manager at Undisclosed

“It was great while learning the information Security concepts from you. Clearing the doubts by day-to-day example helped me to under the security concepts thoroughly.”
Abhijit Arde  Sr. IT Security & Network Engineer at IL&FS

“Has good knowledge in IT Security.”
Roshan Jeppu  Sr. System Administrator at NDS InfoServ

“Good training, covered all the practical aspects from industrial aspect.”
Aayush  Solution architect at Konverge technologies

“First of all, thanks a lot for giving an in depth knowledge on the topic covered, although Ravi didn’t get time to cover a wider area in his stipulated time frame , but I must say what ever he has covered was enough and I doubt any one can cover in 5 days 🙂 .
About Ravikiran – He is really a great teacher with concepts and outstanding teaching skills, he likes to teach in a very specific manner and keeps the topics concise with real time examples. so that the student doesn’t get confused. I would like to attend future classes of Ravikiran.”

Anand Shankar  Undisclosed